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The Orange Lab was established in 2015 under the supervision of Dr. Kandice Soraya Grote at California State University at Northridge (CSUN) in the department of Child and Adolescent Development (CADV).

We currently work with the community of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley and local school sites.



Q: Why is it named "The Orange Lab?"

A: The lab is named the "Orange" lab after the historic orange groves that once covered the San Fernando Valley, some of which are still growing at the front of the CSUN campus.


Q: What kind of research do we do?

A: The purpose of this research lab is to investigate several areas of development including how children learn, and the role language plays in cognitive development. Research has always played a very important role in how we understand child development and helps inform parents and educators of how to support their children growth and learning! 


Q: What ages do you work with?

A: Our lab focuses on early childhood, as young as preschool up to elementary school.


Q: I'm a parent that would like to participate -- What should I do next? 

A: Click on our SIGN-UP PAGE and let us know!

Q: I'm a student who would like to help with the research -- What should I do next? 

A: Complete this brief survey (CLICK HERE) so we can connect with you!

Research Studies:

Our research studies are designed to explore the different ways that children learn and develop. By participating in our studies, you will be contributing to a better understanding of how children's minds work, and helping us to develop new ways to support their growth and development.

Interesting in participating?

Visit the

Sign-Up Page!

Our lab has been featured in several news outlets for our groundbreaking research on children's cognitive development.


Click here to read some of our published works:

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